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We are the silent brand ambassadors of your brand that build your brand and make it reach to its favourable height!

Greedyhippos, one of the best branding and digital marketing agencies in Chandigarh and Mohali, offers you innovative yet creative solutions for your business. Whether you are an established entity or are in the process of starting a new business, or are just looking forward to revamp your brand, the creative minds at Greedyhippos will provide you the best brand solutions for your business. Teaming up directly with your internal creative team, we provide creative designs for branding to digital marketing campaigns for small and large-scale businesses. For ventures that need somewhat more than what can fit in our platter, we have a reliable team of freelancers and scale-capable reinforcement crew.

We believe that every brand has its unique and distinct challenges and opportunities. This warrants that we carry out the research work and planning for that brand in an equally exclusive but meticulous manner. Knowledge, expertise and integrity are the three pillars in the process of brand building for us, which we never compromise on. We follow an extraordinary approach of strict adherence to these indispensable brand-building norms so as to ensure that your brand stands out of the ordinaries.

In order to extend your customer base, generate new leads, launch a new product or service, or aim at an overall new market image, we will, to start with, internally assess your brand’s strength, weaknesses, and opportunities  relevant to the market, followed by the assessment of all possible external factors that may influence your business in the shorter or longer run. The whole process enables us to lay a strong and reliable platform to create and design a complete and dedicated brand building footprint for you.

This will include a wide range of digital marketing, graphic design, and web designing services. Being the core of our organisation, the digital marketing team will take these innovative and creative graphic designs to your targeted audiences working within the framework of brand strategy outlined for you.

Greedyhippos provides all digital marketing services ranging from SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), SMO, Social Media Marketing (SMM), PPC, Lead Generation, E-mail Marketing, Google Adwords and Local Business Listing, and Social Media Campaigns.

We keep a close eye on your targeted audience, the message you want to communicate to them, and the ideology your brand stands for; therefore, your graphics are customised and created accordingly. We cater to all print and digital graphic design services including company’s logo or any design for corporate identity, print advertisement, leaflet, brochure designing or designing of Google ads, Facebook ads, publication on Instagram, and other Social Media stories. You name it and our designing team will design it for you.

What we offer ?


Being a significant part of every brand’s success story, designing is essential to satiate all kinds of marketing needs. Whether you are into conventional marketing or digital marketing, you cannot complete a campaign without an artist. It is a communication process between product and its consumers. In order to receive unique and creative designs, you tend to look for the best graphic design agencies, who have the experience, and expertise to make your ad popular. If you are looking for such a creative service, then click on the read more and check out the services we provide.

Digital Marketing

The traditional methods of advertising, such as print advertisements, mailers, paper flyers, big billboards, etc., may only be able to bring in the first trickle of the customers for you.  Today there is a much vast marketplace available online, which is easier to tap with the help of digital campaigns.  The best thing about digital marketing campaigns is that these are cost – effective, measurable, and flexible. You can track the time and money invested on these digital designs and make improvements in order to drive best results. Click below to read further about our digital marketing service.

Web Design

Working digitally starts with a great website.  About 60% of your customers start their relationship with you by first visiting your website. A website designed and developed keeping in mind both the user experience and search engine bots will nurture easier leads and thus more conversions. Know more about our process by hitting the button below. 

Why choose us?

We are project experts

With the services of highly skilled and experienced professionals at our disposal and a battery of scale-capable reinforcement crew, we will offer you fully-managed tailor-made and customised brand management solutions – be it a small, large, or multi-layered organisation that you have.

We are great listeners

When we interact with you for the first time, unlike others who usually just talk more to leave an impression, our focus will be on listening to you attentively. The more we listen to you, the better we understand you, the closer we will be to delivering what you desire for your brand.

We are caretakers of your brand

We will baby-care your brand, help raise it, and take pride in its overall growth and success story. It will always be dear to us. We are an emotional bunch of professionals who will infuse life in your brand and will make your brand breathe and talk.

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Few things we’re great at

Result-Driven Campaign

Whether it is about designing or planning digital marketing, we at Greedyhippos thoroughly study your brand and your competitors. This brings us to an effective and result-driven plan which will make you shine brightest amongst your competitors.

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Few things we’re great at

Skills & Technical Resource

Every venture is unique based on its proportion, complexities and challenges. Though as a team, Greedyhippos is well resourced in-house to take care of any project, but still we have a set of meticulously chosen business associates globally who add extra value to our abilities and capabilities.

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Few things we’re great at

Value Addition

Creativity, innovation, and newer and never-tested solutions will always keep us ahead from the “also-rans.” Extraordinary brands have extraordinary stories to tell.

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Few things we’re great at

Trust & Transparency

We believe the essence of every success story is the trust and transparency; therefore, we ensure to bring transparency in everything we do. We keep telling our clients the actual status of the work and do not believe in making any promise which we will not be able to keep. Our aim is to make a long-term partnership which comes from delivering what you want on time.

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Few things we’re great at

Customer Satisfaction

We don’t stop our efforts till the time our clients do not get fully satisfied with the solutions suggested. Our team stays in constant touch with you right from the beginning of the project and keeps you abreast of the project progress. We are always available to answer all your queries and work on your valuable feedback.

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