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Graphic Designing

Designing a brand solution for your brand is not just a task of making any logo, packaging or designing an advertising campaign for a newspaper or digital media. In the real sense, it is to voice a message graphically that will silently speak about your brand. From print to digital, we design simple yet classy designs which are meant for your niche clientele. While designing for your brand we give special attention to micro and macro details of the brief to give you the best result.

Our process of designing is very simple and we follow a ‘to-the- point’ approach. That is to ask a lot of questions to understand your brand deeply followed by understanding your brand challenges. Understanding your brand and its challenges enables us to pick that one unique selling point based on which we design a perfectly tailored solution for you. That unique selling point becomes the “elixir” for all your brand challenges.  The young creative and artistic hearts at Greedyhippos understand the underlying emotions and sentiments associated with your brand, the ideology it represents, and thus you are provided with well-thought-out and soul-stirring designs that will convey and carry your message to your audience in a way that will touch a chord with them for a very long time.

Our Services

  • Logo Designing

    What’s in a Name? But for you and your brand it’s everything in the name. Your brand name carries the brand identity that is personified via a well designed logo. When it comes to logo designing, we being the best ad agency in Chandigarh and Mohali, gives your brand an identity that will define you amongst your clientele.
    • We understand the brand name and the inspiration behind it.
    • We understand your product and the target group.
    • We understand your expectation for the design which is followed by the designing of the logo.
    • We design three versions of a logo, considering color, font family and the type of brand, out of which the final one is selected.
  • Corporate Identity

    For all small and big companies, it is important to strongly showcase their brand identity. Anything which is related to your working should speak or tell people about your brand to build a continuous brand recall. Therefore we offer designing for –
    • Business card / ID Cards
    • Office Bags and Stationery
    • Letterheads / Office Envelopes
    • Tent cards
    • Danglers
    • Merchandise Designing (T-shirt,Caps etc)
  • Brand Identity

    As the name defines, it carries your brand message, ideology and the identity to the prospect clients. Therefore our graphic designers design it with more precision and attention to make it look attractive and captivative. We offer all this and lot more-
    • Brochure Designing
    • Catalogue Designing
    • Posters, Flyer, Leaflet, Menu Designing
    • Hoarding, Flex, Standees
    • Designing of Artworks/ Print advertisement
  • Creative Designing

    Creative designing is like an elixir for your brand promotional designs. It’s about thinking out of the box or thinking out of reality. Such designs which are more fictional catchy the attention and creates a long lasting impression. Here we offer-
    • Illustrations
    • Mascot
    • Caricature
    • Pop Art
    • Line Art
    • Photo Manipulation
    • Digital Painting
  • Social Media Designs

    Everything has changed with time so have our choices and preferences. We rather prefer to be connected online with everything that is why most of the population spends half of their time online on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube. The designs which were earlier made only for newspapers, hoardings, pillars, and walls have now started getting. Now, have started getting space on digital platforms. This has truly increased the demand for a good graphic designer in Chandigarh and Mohali. Our team of professionals is now doing this even more regularly, as the demand is more in the digital field. There is no doubt about the fact that you need the best graphic design agency for good graphic designs on a regular basis. Therefore, we offer all that you need for digital promotion of your brand, i.e.,
    • Digital Catalogue/ E- brochure
    • Digital Company/ Business Profile
    • Facebook Story, Post, Cover
    • Instagram Story, Post, Grid, Moodboard
    • Thumbnails
    • Profile Cover
    • GIFs and Short Videos

Digital Marketing

Since we work as an extension of your in-house marketing and sales team and also in close coordination with them, we understand your branding woes extremely well.  Based on our interaction with you, we produce customized digital marketing designs that are unique and exclusive for your business needs.  From various digital marketing tools and solutions available, we will find you the perfect blend of activities available digitally that will drive you the most cost-effective and relevant traffic and business.

Our Services

  • Digital Competitive Analysis

    Apart from doing a complete SWOT analysis of your business, Greedyhippos will also assess other external factors that may be critical and significant for the overall growth of your brand from a digital design perspective. With the use of thoughtful and actionable insight, we will first identify the gaps that need to be bridged, and accordingly a customised tailor-made design is prepared for you.

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

    90% of all business transactions start from a search query by a potential visitor on a search engine like Google and Bing. Grow the Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) of your website. Find your website ranked higher up with its peers because that is what is going to generate more business to you and earn trustworthiness to your brand. We base our SEO strategies on relevant keywords in order to organically weave the right content so that your brand reaches the right audience.

  • Local SEO

    Whether a restaurant nearby or a salon around, almost 90% of the customers go online on their smartphones in order to look for a local business, and they use search engines like Google and Bing to do that. Get yourself found on these search engines. Show your presence on the Local Business listing with the help of local business SEO practices that we offer.

  • Conversion Rate Optimisation

    Keep a tap of who is visiting your website, what they are looking for, how long they are staying at your website, which pages are keeping them more glued, and how you can covert those visitors into customers. We carry out tests and provide you solutions as to enhance your visit-to-lead conversion rates.

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

    Get custom-designed brand-specific and relevant paid advertisements and campaigns for you, which will never be off focus, and we will always keep an insightfully close watch on the performance of the campaigns and keep making adjustments and improvements to them if needed.

  • Pay Per Click (PPC)

    More than 95% of the online business experiences start on search engines like Google and Bing, and almost 50% of the clicks are won by top three paid advertisements on these search engines. Pay Per Click is the fastest and quickest way of generating traffic to your website. Avail yourself the benefits of PPC in order to generate more sales and leads.

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)

    Whether you want traffic, leads, or more sales, with the use of pioneering social media optimization solutions, we help you achieve what you want, keeping a close eye on building insightful and real-time relationship with your present and potential audience.

  • E-mail Marketing Campaigns

    E-mail marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to spread your business. For every Rupee utilized on e-mail marketing approximately Rs. 40 can be earned in return. Our professional e-mail marketing experts will provide e-mail solutions for your business that will see your it staying on top.

  • Facebook and LINKEDIN Advertising Campaigns

    Facebook has a dominant position when it comes to Social Media presence. We design the best Facebook campaigns for you, which are cost-effective and precisely targeted. While facebook holds a strong position when it’s about building your presence on a digital platform, LinkedIn is considered as the most reliable platform for advertising and campaigns. The B2B audience of LinkedIn has double the purchasing power than any average audience on the Internet, and 80% of the members on LinkedIn are decision makers. We will bring you closer to that decision-making audience in an incredibly targeted manner.


Designing your website in an impressive way is so critically important for us.  Your website is the starting point of your interaction and eventually the long-term relationship with your visitors.  Almost 70% of your customers primarily engage with you only after finding you on your website; rather 50% of website visitors make an impression about you and the credibility of your business based on how it has been designed.

Our Services

  • We design and develop websites for all categories of businesses, and apart from designing your website beautiful and attractive for users, we make sure that it is SEO friendly and easier to be crawled and indexed by the Search Engine Bots like Googlebot and Bingbot with special care to make it both mobile and desktop friendly.
  • There are various skills and disciplines required for Website Designing to include web graphic designing, interface logo designing, catalogues, brochures, and user experience design.
  • Apart from the above, while designing and developing the website and loading it with content, special consideration is given to website speed, sitemaps, and other important tasks. The idea is to keep your website information for both – the users and also the bots.

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